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Child Playing

Ages 3-6 years  |  Preschool & Kindergarten


The Mary Raber Montessori Program is a multigrade, three-year cycle—Early Childhood ages 3-6 years, Lower Elementary ages 6-9 years, and Upper Elementary ages 9-12 years.


Our highly trained Montessori teachers guide students throughout the entire 3-year academic cycle. This consistency builds students' confidence and provides a diverse classroom environment where younger students learn to model their older peers, and older students become mentors to their younger classmates. The phasing structure also allows for the self-paced benefit of Montessori to naturally occur so children don’t feel rushed and have time to reach milestones and master skills before moving on to the next developmental phase.

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Ages 6-9 years  |  Grades 1-3

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt
Kids at School

Ages 9-12 years  |  Grades 4-5

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